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Salesforce Opportunity



Portfolio piece

Onboarding module for a sales team. Spend your time selling and closing deals by using Salesforce Opportunities to manage your sales pipeline.


Articulate Rise 360, Canva, Camtasia, Salesforce


Demonstrate expertise in developing learning modules for a software platform. This assignment was to create a 7-10 minute elearning course in Rise about the salesforce opportunity feature. I needed to use the 5 provided lesson titles, create a navigation guide, and include a knowledge check. Aside from that, the goal was to show creativity, analysis, planning, design, and development. 


I began with an analysis of the topic and researched Salesforce and other sources. I used Salesforce TrailHead to learn how opportunities are typically used by sales teams in their workflow.


During the planning stage, I signed up for a trial of so I could use the technology first-hand. I drafted an outline of each lesson with bullet points that covered key information. I considered cognitive load and ensured the information in each lesson supported the learning objective.  

For the design stage, I knew I wanted a mix of screenshots and videos. I choose a shade of blue that was similar to Salesforce for the design and used it to add call-outs to my screen capture. I recorded and edited the video with a Camtasia trial, and kept it brief. I created flashcard graphics with Canva.

As I developed the finished draft in Rise, I clarified points from the outline and added visual elements. Initially, I had scripted a branching scenario but decided against it in favor of a short, scenario-based quiz. I added the interactive navigation guide as a final step. 


The project was completed in 2 days for the assignment. From there, I made minor edits based on user feedback. If implemented in a company, the outcome would be that sales employees understand how and why to use salesforce opportunities as part of their workflow. 

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