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Interview Prep: Shine Using STAR



Portfolio piece


Nail your interview and land the job when you prepare for job interviews using the STAR method. Draft an example STAR story and print the page to save your work.

Articulate Storyline 360, Audacity, Canva


As a career coach, I prepared adult learners for behavioral interviews. The STAR format is the gold standard that can make or break an interview. I created an eLearning course that covers the basics of STAR and prompts the learner to take action.


I choose Storyline to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the tool. Additionally, Storyline has accessibility features that Rise does not, such as the ability to add closed captioning. Users can toggle captions on and off throughout the training. I provided learners with control over navigation using Storyline's built-in features, so users can open the menu and jump to any slide, and drag the slider to rewind and fast-forward the video. That way, if they want to review a specific section they can quickly find it. There is a print page that only works on desktops, but mobile users can take a screenshot to save their answers. 


If I were to implement this solution, I'd ask learners to review this training before a career coaching session so they'll be prepared to practice the STAR story they brainstormed. Ultimately, it's a time-saver so learners can spend more time with their coach practicing and refining their answers versus learning how to answer.

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