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Coaching Wheel



Career Mosaic Coaching



Created a worksheet and companion information page for Career Mosaic Coaching. The client provided the content and I designed each page using her brand colors and fonts. 



Coach Cait wanted a worksheet her clients could fill out. She used a life wheel exercise but wanted a worksheet that focused on career components. This needed to be a self-guided activity.


Cait provided a power-point with eight components and detailed information about career coaching. She also provided a link to her website.
First, I reviewed her website for her logo, colors, and fonts, and created a brand toolkit in Canva. I created a brand guide image so I could quickly reference the color hex codes.
Then, I created the life wheel worksheet with her branding to make sure she liked the look and feel. Once she approved that document, I revised the content for the career wheel. Some components had long titles, so I shortened them to fit on the wheel. We decided an information page would give clients more to think about for each component. I kept the background color of each heading the same on both pages. I used design elements to create a mosaic look aligned with her website aesthetic.


I gained a deeper knowledge of Canva's limitations and features. While Canva has a pie chart feature, users can only choose one color and it auto-generates the rest. Since I wanted specific colors to match her brand, I needed another solution. I created the wheel using Canva’s line and shape elements.
To create the curved, colored backgrounds, I looked for a pre-existing graphic. Canva had an SVG file available with eight colors in a wheel shape but did not allow color editing. After doing some research, I opened the image as an XML text document and edited the hex codes for each color. Finally, I converted it to a PNG, uploaded it into Canva, and aligned the image with the wheel elements.
I exported the worksheet as both PDF and PNG files so she has options to choose from. Coach Cait is happy with how the worksheets turned out and she is using them in her coaching business!

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