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How to Share Google Docs



Portfolio piece

Infographic with step-by-step instructions to share a google doc. Made with Canva. 


Canva, Snip & Sketch

How to share google docs infographic.png


In my workplace, learners submitted resumes for review via Google Docs without sharing access. My teammates and I were unable to view their resumes to provide prompt feedback. In some cases, learners shared their document as view-only, which also resulted in a delay. 


Created a quick-reference guide that learners can review at-a-glance. Included screenshots and instructions to support both visual and reading learning styles. 


If I were to implement this solution, I'd add the infographic to the resume submission website. This will show learners how to share Google Docs before they submit the link. Measure results by gathering data on the length of time it takes for resume reviews and how many submitted links are viewable. 

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