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Collaborate with Google Docs



Portfolio piece


Articulate Rise 360, Screencastify, Audacity, Canva

Level up your use of Google docs with this guide to sharing, commenting, and managing versions. Designed for learners who use google docs to collaborate on personal and professional projects.


In my workplace, learners submitted resumes for review via Google Docs without sharing access. My teammates and I were unable to view their resumes to provide prompt feedback. In some cases, learners shared their document as view-only, which also resulted in a delay. 

Some learners did not resolve or respond to comments after receiving feedback. Some learners updated their resumes in a new, unshared document. These barriers made it difficult to collaborate through multiple rounds of review. 


Elearning course that shows how to share documents, comment, and use version history. Choose Articulate Rise for its easy integration with the online classroom. Used a combination of videos and screenshots so learners can follow along. Recorded demonstrations with Screencastify. Used a labeled graphic to show commenting features, as I could not share a real example due to privacy.
A note on accessibility: Rise and Screencastify do not have closed captioning available. To make this course accessible, it would need to be created in a different program, such as Camtasia. Or, the videos could be uploaded to YouTube to add captions. The course would then link to these videos instead of having them embedded.


If I were to implement this solution, I'd upload the course into the existing LMS where learners submit their resumes. One data point is how many learners complete the course. However, views alone won’t measure success.
I would also look for a decrease in the length of time it takes for a resume review. The goal is that learners will share one document and collaborate with their coach to revise it. Coaches could report how many documents they can edit.

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