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Remote Interviews



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This 1-hour virtual workshop prepares learners for remote interviews. Learners will identify their wants and needs for their next position and prepare answers to 5 common questions about remote work.

Participant Guide

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I created this virtual instructor-led training from a workshop I developed in late 2020 during the pandemic. It is designed for adult students who are continuing their education in order to change or advance their careers. At that time, most people were not familiar with remote interviewing practices, and this training filled a knowledge gap. 


I interviewed a subject matter expert (SME) in order to gather information about remote interviewing best practices. Combining that knowledge with my own expertise in career coaching, I developed this finished product. It targets specific interview questions related to a remote work environment. 


The original training for my employer was structured differently and had text-heavy slides with less participant interaction. The participant guide showcased above is an editable PDF so participants can easily take notes during the virtual training. While many people are more comfortable with remote interviews today than in 2020, the information is still relevant and will help learners prepare for a strong remote interview. 

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