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Goal-setting with SMART Goals



Portfolio piece



Did you make a new year's resolution? Do you plan to set a goal soon? Learn how to stick to your resolution and set SMART goals in this 5-minute eLearning!


January 1, 2022. Many people make new year's resolutions. They mean well, but most will give up by early February. By tapping through this 5-minute eLearning, learners will define each letter of SMART, and identify the difference between a resolution and a SMART goal. I wanted to create a fun, engaging way to teach a topic that's been done many times.


7taps Microlearning is a mobile-first, microlearning platform designed for users to create eLearning in 15 minutes. It's user-friendly and easy to pick up. The free version is limited to pre-made templates and built-in GIFs, so enjoy the Simpsons GIFs! They are surprisingly relevant!


The URL for this eLearning can be shared with anyone! 7taps provides statistics for how many times it was opened, completed, and the average quiz score. Paid users of 7taps can send the URL via email and SMS to receive detailed statistics for each user. 

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